NT Automatic database startup problem ??
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Thread: NT Automatic database startup problem ??

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    Hi Everyone

    We have a number of oracle databases running on an NT server. We rebooted all our servers recently, and
    one of the instances simply did not start up.

    In NT Services, the OracleServicePODV and OracleStartPODV
    both indicated they were running, but the database was NOT
    up. We checked the strtPODV.cmd file - it had the correct
    internal password and starttype. In Services, the startup was set to automatic, and the log on as System Account.

    Any ideas will be welcome, please ?

    Thanks in advance

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    What does the Alert file (PODValrt.ora) say ?

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    Jan 2001
    There is no record at all, not even of the shutdown ! The log details up to almost the minute of shutdown on 20th January, then the next entry is for 22nd january, when we started the database using svrmgr23.

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    Actually, the correct file to check is oradim.log file.
    The log file will indicate the reason.
    Usually, recreate the password file using orapwd73 will resolve the problem.

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    Unfortunately, oradim.log also sheds no light on the problem.
    The entry in oradim.log is :
    Service(s) and instance being started. Please wait...
    Service/Instance started.

    If we recreate the password file, we have no way of testing
    whether that solves the problem - the database is 24X7 so shutting it down and starting it up again is a major event.

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