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Thread: Free Space

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    Free Space

    I used the following query to get the free space in my tablespaces

    select tablespace_name,sum(bytes/(1024*1024))"Total Free MB",max(bytes/(1024*1024))"Largest Free Extent",max(blocks) "Maximum Blocks" from dba_free_Space group by tablespace_name;
    TABLESPACE_NAME      Total Free MB   Largest Free Extent           Maximum Blocks
    -------------------- ------------- -  ------------------ --------------
    UNDOTBS1                   56.3125             45.9375                       5880
    SYSAUX                       6.125               .8125                           104
    SAMPLE                      249.921875         249.921875                   31990
    USERS                        174.375             174.375                       22320
    SYSTEM                      564.125             563.9375                     72184
    TB_IND                          99                  99          12672
    what i am not clear is that my tablespaces are local extent management and of uniform extent size is 1m, so why my query of max(bytes) is giving the the maximum extent size is near- free space available in the tablespace. My interpretation is that if the segment need extra space the next available contiguous blocks on disk is allocated as an extent and is available to the segments which is in 1MB(default). So please correct me if I am wrong and help me to understand the results in the above query thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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