Hi all,

we have database link between two database ysccapps on IBM-AIX 5.2 and bmms IBM-AIX 4.3 before one month bmms database was on windows platform but i migrate from window to ibm aix 4.3 my probelm is some dbms_jobs are running and some are not runing.these job invoking procedure.those not rununig jobs we can run it manually but we need to run these jobs daily basis in schedule time. there is database link between two database.i saw on the net about this job_queue_interval and job_queue_processes, in both the database job_queue_proceses are 10 but job_queue_interval is obselete.

my question how to run these job daily, can any one suggest me. i daily see through toad also.quick response will higly appreciated.thank a lot in advance

Best regards