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Thread: remove or Free space on flash recovery

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    remove or Free space on flash recovery


    I have allocated 70 G for flash and right now it is only 10 g used but it sys only 34 G is free how can i free the space on this what command i need to run please let me know!


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    1)Are backups going to flash recovery area?

    2)Is flashback enabled?

    3)are archivelogs going to flash recovery?

    anyways this is what you could do in space constraint situations.

    If backups are first going to disk then to tape ,backup your flash recovery area to tape(backups configured with tape) then delete backup pieces from disk, if performing disk based backup then delete eveything from flash recovery and let rman know about it(crosscheck archivelog all and crosscheck backup then delete expired)which is compromising with the db recoverabilty,perform backup immediatey,assuming you don't have dataguard running and needs archivelogs(deleted)but you could always do incremental backup to sync up standby(10gR2).

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    How do you know the amount of space being used?
    Here is a query you might want to try.

    col name format a40
       to_char(space_limit, '999,999,999,999') as space_limit,
       to_char(space_limit - space_used + space_reclaimable,
       '999,999,999,999') as space_available,
       round((space_used - space_reclaimable)/space_limit * 100, 1) as pct_full
    this space intentionally left blank

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