Oracle Applications Server 10g Release 2 ( 10.1.2 )
Hi Apps DBA's,
I have the same problem as described below, can someone please point me in the right direction to solve this problem?
I have Reports running on SUSE 9 on a virtual server and database 11G on different server running SUSE 10. I can access the data via the application but when I want to generate a report it comes up with the following error
REP-501: Unable to connect to the specified database.
I have edited the tnsnames.ora on both machines but still no luck.

Thanks in advance.

this is a previous posting but the solution was not posted.

"I found the test.rdf page which leverages rwservlet. I have dumped all the reports into the same directory as test.rdf and attempted to invoke them, knowing full well we will have to encode into the URL the report parameters. Thats partially true as I can submit paramform=yes and it builds a parameter form that has the same content as you would see in Reports Builder on your local machine. None of those drop down choices are populated until you supply connect info. This is where I am stuck, the connect info works great from sqlplus but not in the report - erroring out with REP-501 unable to connect to database. I have altererd the tnsames in all 4 Oracle homes in case I was hitting the wrong one. Still will not connect."

Any ideas?