I had oracle schema replication working fine.

On my primary database I added the following proceduere in hopes to limit
the data being replicated from on DB to another.

dbms_streams_adm.add_subset_propagation_rules (
table_name => 'pbh.try1',
dml_condition => 'state=''CA''',
streams_name => 'PROP_PBH',
source_queue_name => 'REP_CAPTURE_QUEUE',
destination_queue_name => 'REP_DEST_QUEUE@AIXSNAP',
source_database => 'PRI',
include_tagged_lcr =>false);

SQL> select * from try1;

---------- ---------- --
9 9 CA
11 11 XX

2 rows selected.

I would have expected to see the the row where state=CA in my other DB
but don't.

Is there a way to remove the rule from or deactivate it. Secondly, where
can I look to see why the data rows was either allowed to be replicated or
denied. Ie is there any logging that I can enable that will show me this.