I have some problem with my listener configuration. Here is the scenario.

I have two nodes A & B in veritas cluster.

DB1 is active on node A and passive on node B
DB2 is active on node B and passive on node A

DB1 listener is configured as LISTENER and DB2 listener is configured as LISTENER_XXX

listener.ora and tnsnames.ora are having same entries on both the nodes.

from node B, when i check " lsnrctl status " it is giving the following error.

TNS-01189: The listener could not authenticate the user

If i give " lsnrctl status LISTENER_XXX " then it is giving result. I believe this is expected.

My issue is, when I am trying to connect to node B Database from RMAN it is saying " TNS-12541: TNS:no listener "

I believe RMAN is sending the request to LISTENER not LISTENER_XXX. Is there any way to tell RMAN that the listener name is LISTENER_XXX?

I have gone thru the metalink note 285439.1 but I already have IPC configured.

Any help is highly appreciated.