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Thread: Reporting website setup in Enterprise Manager

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    Reporting website setup in Enterprise Manager

    Hi Gurus
    I have installed oracle9i Enterprise Manager on Windows 2000. It also installed apache server so that i can view enterprise manager from website. This is working fine but when i want to access enter prise manager report by typing in reporting web server name and port i received this error message
    "No OMS location specified for the Servlet to connect to. Make sure that reporting has been successfully configured for this webserver."

    What i have done wrong and also please tell me what to check. I am trying to implement enterprise manager as a monitoring solution.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Have you set up the Oracle Management server for the Enterprise Manager ? I think you have to setup OMS inorder to use the webserver. Also you need to have the intelligent agent installed both at the server and for the OMS.

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    Yes you need to install OMS to run the reports. Once installed you will need to issue: oemctl configure rws to get the reporting facility configured to your webserver.

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    Here is the full step to configure
    1. Change the default password (oem_temp) for the REPORTS_USER
    a. From the Enterprise Manager Console, choose Manage Administrators
    from the Configuration menu. The Manage Administrators Accounts
    dialog appears.
    b. Select REPORTS_USER from the list.
    c. Click Edit. The Edit Administrator Preferences property sheet appears.
    d. Enter a new password in the Password field and retype the new
    password in the Confirm Password field.
    e. Click OK to set the password.
    2. Set preferred credentials for the REPORTS_USER if you want to see
    database reports from the central Enterprise Manager Reporting Web Site.
    Any future database reports that other Enterprise Manager administrators
    create will also have to set their own database preferred credentials.
    3. run (oemctl configure rws) from the command prompt. it will asked you
    serveral question, please fill up.
    4. You will get one URL after cmpleted step 3. Use this URL to see report.

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