Need some help with Pivot function. I have data like this

Col1 Col2 Col3
1 Option1 Val1
1 Option2 Val2
1 Option3 Val3
1 Option4 Val4
1 Option5 Val5
2 Option1 Val6
2 Option2 Val7
2 Option4 Val8

3 Option2 Val9
3 Option3 Val10
3 Option4 Val11
3 Option5 Val12

I need to pivot it like this, But how much ever I try, i cannot seem to getit right

Val Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Option5
1 Val1 Val2 Val3 Val4 Val5
2 Val6 Val7 - Val8 -
3 - Val9 Val10 Val11 Val12

I am using Oracle 9i and would prefer to do it in SQL