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    Hi ,

    I've created a partitioned table. Now I need to insert about 70 million records from another table. My question is

    1) Do I need to create the indexes for the partitioned table before doing the insert or after the inserts.
    2) I'm planning to do a direct load using hint /* +APPEND */

    Is it all right or do I need to write a pl/sql to insert and commit after certain no of lines ?

    Thanks a lot

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    1 First check the table has enough extents to accomodate the 70M rows, if not create the extents.

    2 Sort the data file based on the primary key.

    3 Create the index after the load.

    4 Also consider Parallel Load with DIRECT option.

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    thanks , Tamil.
    I'll create the indexes after the load.
    To do the insert,

    I enabled parallel query dml by

    alter session enable parallel query dml;

    then, I used hints like

    INSERT /*+PARALLEL(test_httpaccesslog,4) */ INTO test_httpaccesslog NOLOGGING
    (select /*+PARALLEL(x_accesslog,4)*/ *
    from x_accesslog);

    For a table of 19 million rows( , it took me exactly 20 minutes.
    Does it work this way or can it be even faster.
    How do I do parallel load with direct option.

    Thanks a lot

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