I have a table whose Primary Key column is used to define the Foreign Key of seven other tables.
I now want to drop the parent table: Disabled the seven FKs and tried, didnt work; it gave ora-02449 error.
The following query was used to determine FKs:
select parent.table_name "P", child.table_name "C"
from user_constraints parent, user_constraints child
where child.constraint_type='R'
and parent.constraint_name=child.r_constraint_name
and parent.owner = child.owner
and parent.table_name = 'TABLE_NAME'
order by parent.table_name, child.table_name;

I also imported the datapump file into a sql file and verified; there are only 7 FK constraints on the above parent table.

Also, it is to be mentioned that some tables have a composite Primary Key defined with the column name same as the above table's primary key column name.
Would this have anything to do with the issue at hand?
Please note that the above composite PK tables do not have any FK on the offending table.

Please help!