We are currently using oracle 9i replication. Now we are going to upgarde our database from 9i to 11g. Therefore now we want to change our 9i replication to streams replication. We have got yours "Oracle Bi-Directional Data Replication" document for streams replicaton from following link (http://www.dbasupport.com/oracle/ora...tional01.shtml). This was what we are exactly looking for. We follwed all the steps as per your document. Only in step no 8 "Enable table level supplemental logging " we are using
because we have a huge databse, approx 400 tables for replication and we are not in position to implement conditional suppliment log for particular column on each tables.

After follow all the steps, we have got some surprising errors like, we are inserting a row in one table and we get it on other side even DDL's are working fine if we create a new table on one side it will get created on other but when we update any record on one side it does not reflect on other side....same happens with "delete" command.

Please help me. I am waiting for your reply.