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    Very Large Memory (VLM) Configuration

    Help me maintain my sanity please.

    There were memory issues with our internally written application running a batch job. They, proj mgr and business consultant, asked me to implement /3GB switch. There is some confusion about how this should be implemented. I thought that you had to make changes to the O/S on the database server by editing the boot.ini file and make changes to some of the Oracle database parameters. The proj mgr and business consultant feel that you only have to make changes to the O/S on the client machine by editing the boot.ini where the application is stored. I'm outnumbered 2 to 1 so the latter solution has prevailed. What is correct?

    Thanks in advance.


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    if all they wanted was the 3Gb switch, then they are correct

    you need to define what you actually want, no point asking random people on the internet what your colleagues mean

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    What does the /3GB switch give you on the client machine. The problem reported was with the Database Query during a batch job?



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    Quote Originally Posted by pengwen View Post
    The problem reported was with the Database Query during a batch job?
    Is there any specific Oracle error or out of the ordinary behavior? what's the problem?
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    Just to be pedantic, the /3GB switch relates to trying to get 32 bit windows servers to address 3GB of ram. You can't get a 32 bit windows server to address more than 3GB of ram. Depending on what needs the extra memory and what you SGA is set to, you may or may not need to adjust the SGA.
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