I created table mytable in oracle 11g in database Mydb1;
performed following steps for cold backup on remote Share using rman commands.
I) Connect target /
II) shutdown immediate
III) startup nomount;
IV) sql 'alter database mount';
V) backup full tag full_offline_backup format '\\Machine_IP\Share_Name\%d_%U_%T'(database);
VI) sql 'alter database open';

After completing the backup ,i truncated the mytable. now i want to restorethis table from the backup i have taken so i performed following steps for restore,recovery using remote backup
I) startup mount
II) restore database;
III) recover database;
IV) alter database open;

but i m not getting my records in the table back.
What should i do to get mytable data.

can anyone help me please...
waiting for the reply...thanx in advance.