I'm a novice when it comes to databasing, I'm sure this issue will be easy for you guys, but I wasn't really sure what terms to use for Google search.

Here's what I have:

I have 3 tables that I want to work with.. and the relationship between the columns I am concerned with is as follows:


I want to find a way to display a column from LifeCycleHistory, that matches the the column WT.Document.ida2a2. The catch here is... ObjectHistory.ida3a5 has a many to 1 relationship with WTDocument.ida2a2.

So, when I try to do joins, LifeCycleHistory.ida2a2 comes up with several values, depending on how many matches WTDocument.ida2a2==ObjectHistory.ida3a5 results.What I want to do, is obtain one-to-one relationship between WTDocument.ida2a2 and LifeCycleHistory.ida2a2.

What I was thinking was to obtain the maximum value of ObjectHistory.ida3b5 for each ObjectHistory.ida3a5. Then matching that value with LifeCycleHistory.ida2a2. But, I'm not really sure how...

ObjectHistory looks something like this:
ida3a5 ida3b5
1524511 00615
1524511 00715
1524511 00716
1524511 00816
1524511 00819
1524511 00860

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!