I am running Oracle Enterprise Manager Console on Windows NT 4.0. An instance of Oracle 8I also runs on the same machine. Whenever I try to schedule a job, either database task or OS command, I always get the same error: VNI-2015. Authentication Failed. I setup the Preferred Confidential for both database & node. For the database, I use Id SYS/xxxxxx and logon as SYSDBA. For OS, I use my NT logon Id and that Id has been granted "Log on as batch job". Could someone please give any suggestion what could be the problem ??

I try to enable the logging of the Oracle Enterprise Manager. I changed the property file " omsconfig.properties" in ORA_HOME/sysman/config. But it didn't work. The output log file had nothing inside. Does anyone know how to turn on the logging and tracing for Oracle Enterprise Manager ??