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    I am running Oracle Enterprise Manager Console on Windows NT 4.0. An instance of Oracle 8I also runs on the same machine. Whenever I try to schedule a job, either database task or OS command, I always get the same error: VNI-2015. Authentication Failed. I setup the Preferred Confidential for both database & node. For the database, I use Id SYS/xxxxxx and logon as SYSDBA. For OS, I use my NT logon Id and that Id has been granted "Log on as batch job". Could someone please give any suggestion what could be the problem ??

    I try to enable the logging of the Oracle Enterprise Manager. I changed the property file " omsconfig.properties" in ORA_HOME/sysman/config. But it didn't work. The output log file had nothing inside. Does anyone know how to turn on the logging and tracing for Oracle Enterprise Manager ??


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    Everything you are doing looks alright.
    The only difference being when I did this, I logged into the
    database as remote, after giving sysdba priveleges to remote.

    In order to enable logging you need to add the foll
    in the oemconfig.properites file

    and restart the management server

    Hope this helps

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    To run the os level jobs you have to set your prefered credential for the node to be the same as the oracle user on the node. Then for the database, you have to set the prefered credentials as system/passwd as SYSDBA. Then make sure that the oracle intelligent agent is running on your node, if not start that. The way you start it on the unix

    lsnrctl dbsnmp_start;

    check the status by dbsnmp_status.

    Once you do this, try creating a simple os job of ls and check to confirm that you are getting the out put. Then on the next step, create a simple sql script select * from v$instance; in the script text of the job wizard, and try executing that and see, to make sure that you are getting the output. You could see the output by right clicking the finished jobs and choose the view.

    One other question, did you do a patch installation on the database where the managent server is running, on that case, go ahead and upgrade your repository.

    If you further have any problem let me know.


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