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    data pump with query clause

    I have to tables created under user pbh (abc, xyz)

    When I issue the following command (see below) both tables get exported.
    What in the command below is making table 'abc' export? I would suspect
    that only data from 'xyz' would have been exported?

    Note: If I specify tables=xyz at the end of the command that seems to
    only export table xyz only.

    I am using Oracle

    expdp pbh/pbh directory=data_pump_directory dumpfile=query.dmp logfile=table.log QUERY=xyz:'"where x>=1234"'

    . . exported "PBH"."XYZ" 377.2 KB 31744 rows
    . . exported "PBH"."ABC" 5.406 KB 11 rows

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    becuase you asked to export the schema, not a table!

    funny that when you specify the exact tables it only does the ones you ask for

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    Thanks, I was under the impression that the SCHEMA= clause meant backup
    the schema.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulH View Post
    I was under the impression that the SCHEMA= clause meant backup the schema.
    Since you cannot recover your database from an expdp dump file that means expdp is not a backup tool, just a useful tool to copy data, ddl and code.
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