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    Duplicate a Database Using RMAN

    In every piece of online documentaion I see the first step to duplicating
    a DB with RMAN says that you must use the orapwd utility to create
    a password file.


    While following each step in the arcticle above except creating the
    orapwd file I was successful in creating the AUX DB.

    Can somebody please explain why I would need the orapwd file? I am
    obvisously missing something but not sure what.

    Maybe you can provide an example as it pertains to the above mentioned article and show between what steps it would be accessed.


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    Talking Sysdba login

    You need orapwd file to be able to login "as sysdba" from an external (OS) account that belogs to the dba group.
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    As per the document above, how come I did need to create an orapwd file when the directions say too. Can you please be a bit more specific.

    FYI, I was logged into UNIX OS as user oracle and group dba

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    orapwd -as already pointed out by LKBrwn_DBA - allows for Operating System authentication so if you do not do as suggested in the note you are not going to have such a feature for your clonned database.

    If not clear, please research O/S authentication.
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