RMAN list backupset/redundancy questions
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Thread: RMAN list backupset/redundancy questions

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    RMAN list backupset/redundancy questions

    RMAN> list backupset;

    List of Backup Sets

    BS Key Type LV Size Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
    ------- ---- -- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
    186 Full 245.72M DISK 00:00:39 14-MAR-09
    BP Key: 187 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag: TAG20090314T123928
    Piece Name: /rdbms/oracle_data/10.2.0/backup/pbh1020/backup_02k9t640_1_1
    List of Datafiles in backup set 186
    File LV Type Ckp SCN Ckp Time Name
    ---- -- ---- ---------- --------- ----
    1 Full 234643 14-MAR-09 /ctron/oracle/pbh10.2.0/system01.dbf
    2 Full 234643 14-MAR-09 /ctron/oracle/pbh10.2.0/undotbs.dbf
    3 Full 234643 14-MAR-09 /ctron/oracle/pbh10.2.0/sysaux01.dbf
    4 Full 234643 14-MAR-09 /ctron/oracle/pbh10.2.0/pbhtable01.dbf

    BS Key Type LV Size Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
    ------- ---- -- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
    259 Full 6.55M DISK 00:00:01 14-MAR-09
    BP Key: 261 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag: TAG20090314T130324
    Piece Name: /rdbms/oracle/10g2/dbs/c-3969725195-20090314-02
    Control File Included: Ckp SCN: 235586 Ckp time: 14-MAR-09

    1) I get that the file /rdbms/oracle_data/10.2.0/backup/pbh1020/backup_02k9t640_1_1 has the backup of the datafiles but what is in this file /rdbms/oracle/10g2/dbs/c-3969725195-20090314-02?

    2) Can I redirect /rdbms/oracle/10g2/dbs to another directory, if so how.

    3) I tried running report obsolete on 3/15/09 and as I mentioned I did a full
    database backup on 3/14/09. If I have a one day retention period, how come report obsolete does not show me that I can delete this backup.

    RMAN> show all;

    RMAN configuration parameters are:

    RMAN> report obsolete;

    RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command
    RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 1
    no obsolete backups found

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    1) its the control file backup
    2) yes - configure your channels properly
    3) - you did something wrong

    you really really need to read oracle and rman concepts

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    He got just one backup, how it will expire..!
    Thomas Saviour(royxavier@yahoo.com)
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    You don't have a one DAY retention policy, you have a REDUNDANCY of 1 retention policy. If you took another backup you'd see that the first back should be obsolete. What is in backupsets 187-258? I assume you are in archivelog mode and are also backing up the archivelogs?

    B&R is something you can not afford to get wrong...as davey23uk mentioned, you really should read over the RMAN docs.

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