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    I've inherited a two-tier Apps 11.0.3 / RDBMS 8.0.5 installation running on a pair of NT 4.0 servers. I'm trying to duplicate (insofar as possible) the configuration of these two Production servers (which currently host three instances sharing a common $Oracle_Home) on two smaller boxes in order to create a safe - i.e., non-production - testing environment where the test/dev instances can be placed. I have the test db up and running on the DB server OK, but am having major problems with the web server. I'm pretty new to Oracle and was not involved in the original (production) implementation...

    The web server is OAS 3.0.1. I know it is old, but it works fine in our production environment, and anyway we can't upgrade it until we have a working test environment to play with!

    First problem: cannot start WRB. Owsctl start wrb lists several of the component services as if they were starting, but then fails with:

    OWS-08822: Unable to fork new process for WRB process '<process> -V' (not always the same process...) followed by The pipe has ended.

    An owsctl status wrb at this point lists all the processes as having "NEVER been started".

    Second problem: cannot access the web server configuration page via the browser (http://machine_name.domain), so can't look at what's up with the services there.

    The exact original production installation sequence from over a year ago cannot be duplicated for certain (was done by contractors who didn't document step-by-step). It was an 11.0.2 one-hour install that was later upgraded at some point to 11.0.3. We can't clone the physical servers (e.g. via Ghost) since the hardware is quite different. An 11.0.3 one-hour install leaves an $Oracle_Home that is not identical to our Production environment (apart from things such as log files, of course). So what I've tried is a manual copy of the production $Oracle_Homes, registry keys, WinSys files and environment settings to the test servers, modifying/registering them as necessary to reflect the new server name (which should be the only change - the drive structures are identical).

    I'm assuming at this point that I've either missed files and/or registry settings, but haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone have any ideas as to where to focus my search, given the errors I'm getting?

    Bigger question - how would YOU duplicate a production server, given the limitations I've listed?

    Thanks to any/all in advance for your help!

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    I think that I would be able to partly help you out. I have some bad experiences using OAS though it was If I can remember, first you have to stop the ows

    owsctl stop

    owsctl clean -force

    owsctl start

    owsctl start -nodemgr

    The nodemgr option is the one that allows you to open the admin web page.

    On coming to your second qustion, take a full back up your production database using Oracle Recovery manager (RMAN) using the recovery catalog and then do a duplication using RMAN on to your test system. There you are ready to roll. For more detail on the concepts of RMAN check
    [url]http://technet.oracle.com[/url] ( do a search on RMAN).

    I hope this would help you.

    Good luck,

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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    I am working on Oracle Financials 11.0.3 on Oracle server 8.0.5 on OWS 3.0.1.

    In general it takes 3 days or more to install and configuer the whole software , it is very exhausting operation , you need to install every every thing manually starting from creating software directories.

    You must have got a CD containing documentation , this CD conatins a whole manual for installing and onfiguering all the parts of the sotware.

    You must be very aware when dealing with this environment , you must start the application every time by a certain steps like : start DB , listeners , Concurrent managers ....
    and when closing it reverse the issue .

    Be sure to stick with it or you will get many problems.

    You can not just copy objects , you need to install a new one to have a separated environment.

    It is totally recommended no to start the request brokers manually , let them get up with the NT when starting up and never shutdown them manual or start them manual.

    There are two type of Installation for Oracle Applications , the Auto Install ( the manual way ) or the One hour Install ( the automatic way ) ,, I am suggesting to Install using the one hour install untill reading the Installation maunal of The Auto install version ( more than 400 pages ).

    I am recommending also to get an experienced persion in installing Oracle applications at least at the first time , the issue is complicated an not easy to hadle so call Oracle Support whenever needed.

    Hope I was Useful.
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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    Thumbs up Problem resolved

    Thank you for your posts; sorry to take so long to update this.

    The problems have been resolved. First problem was due to the server's DNS domain name having been changed (without my knowledge :-( - once fixed, the WRB problem resolved itself.

    And, of course, the admin server page couldn't be accessed until the admin server was running (which required WRB...). Even so, it was necessary to use <machine_name>.<domain>:<admin_port_nbr>, whereas in our other environment the port number isn't mandatory.

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