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    Talking Real good architecture book to pass OCA?

    In OCA exam there is a question about using local extent management to reduce contention in table space.

    The Sybex OCA book mentioned about local extent management using bitmap but never explicitly say that it can reduce contention, so i never thought of this point until the excruciating exam.

    Sift through Oracle Press OCP study guide book and its OCA section never mentioned local extent management. If i am not wrong this book sucks, can't compare to Sybex, don't know why people like it.

    Oreily Essential Oracle book also never mention local extent management.

    My question is, beside the Oracle Concept Manual and ILT, is there any real solid Oracle books that say explicitly that local extent management can reduce contention? I read that OCA exam focuses on Oracle achitecture, maybe a solid Oracle architecture book that spells out almost everything the OCA exam will ask?

    Advance Thanks.

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    Fact is the more hands-on experience you have under your belt the better are your chances of passing certification tests.

    In regards to the specific issue you mention Oracle documentation is pretty clear, please let me quote...

    Locally managed tablespaces track all extent information in the tablespace itself by using bitmaps, resulting in the following benefits:

    Fast, concurrent space operations. Space allocations and deallocations modify locally managed resources (bitmaps stored in header files).

    Enhanced performance

    Readable standby databases are allowed, because locally managed temporary tablespaces do not generate any undo or redo.

    Space allocation is simplified, because when the AUTOALLOCATE clause is specified, the database automatically selects the appropriate extent size.

    User reliance on the data dictionary is reduced, because the necessary information is stored in file headers and bitmap blocks.

    Coalescing free extents is unnecessary for locally managed tablespaces.

    If you read carefully you will find that it all translates to: Locally Managed Tablespaces got designed to reduce contention.

    Not the same words? it all depends on your hands-on experience.

    (1) http://www.oracle.com/pls/db102/homepage ... it's free!
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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