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Thread: need clarification

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    need clarification

    I am trying to understand the logic of the following phrase
    "Salience is dependent on the number of associates a target has. A target's associates are other targets who share the same home location as that target, or who have been on missions with that target"
    PN: The program should create a table with target id and salience.

    some of the tables the schema:
    targets - target_id, location_id
    location - location_id, description
    missions_targets - mission_id, target_id
    missions - mission_id, location_id
    agents - agent_id, location_id
    missions_agents - agent_id, mission_id

    I need some assistance because I don't get the correct number of salience as expected.

    Thx a million!!!

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    you should ask your tutor

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    i found the solution. thx.

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