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Thread: what files need to be included in cold backup?

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    I like to backup redo logs with cold backups because there have been times when I was asked to clone databases on a separate server, mostly for testing purposes. This can be done without interruption to the production system if there is a recent cold backup with all files including redo logs. Usually, data from the last cold backup was good enough, since we do cold backups once a week.

    Just a different angle on cold backups.

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    Its the question of what you loose and what you have when you are recovering your database. Bottom line you need to have all the files(data,log,control,parameter) and archivelog files.

    You can't predict your recovery situation while planning for backup plan. Your backup plan should be in such a way, No matter whats the situation, you should bring up your databse with no data loss. Attempt towards that and take backup.

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    Amen. You can never have too many options to recover.
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    You guys answered my questions. Thanks a lot!!!

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