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Thread: Changed "Log on As" option and getting errors

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    Changed "Log on As" option and getting errors

    I am having fresh installed oracle 11g on windows and created a database.I want to take database backup on remote server.

    I followed these steps

    1. On the machine where you wish to write the files to, create a shared drive granting the user 'Administrator' FULL Control.

    Note: For reference below, this Administrator will use the password 'test',this will be referred to as the "Destination" machine.

    2. On the machine with the TARGET DB, verify the Administrator user has the same password of the user that shared the drive on the destination machine.
    In the example here, the password would be 'test'.

    3. Map a network drive on the TARGET machine to the shared drive on the destination machine. When mapping this drive, use the Administrator user with the password 'test'.

    4. On the TARGET machine, BOTH the OracleTNSListener Service and the OracleService services must be configured to start using the Administrator/test account.
    (As discussed above, Oracle uses the Local System account by default.)
    a. Go to the Control Panel and then open up the Services panel.
    b. Double click on the appropriate service
    (TNSListener or OracleService).
    c. Change the "Log on as" user from the "Local System Account" to
    "This Account".
    d. Specify the service to log on as the Administrator user.
    c. Click on "OK".

    5. Shutdown the TARGET database and stop and start the services on the Target machine. Restart the TARGET database.
    When I changed 'Log on as' to domain user(with which I am logged in and remote server share is accessible by its credentials).I checked 'listener.ora','tnsnames.ora','' before and after changin 'Log on as',they are same except some line sequence change.

    I made backup on remote server share earlier,now getting these errors

    1. on OEM,ORA-12505: TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor (DBD ERROR: OCIServerAttach)

    2. SQL> connect sys/sys as sysdba
    ORA-12631: Username retrieval failed

    What can be the reason,I also checked /etc/hosts on windows machine,it is showing host entries correctly.

    Also I cannot do database restart(5th step) as connection is lost in 4th step mentioned above.

    If I changed "Log on As" to "Local System Account",then dont get these errors,but cannot transfer on remote share(OS cannot find the path specified) and if changed to "this account" get these errors........Sad

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    Is Administrator a member of the Windows ORA_DB group (or similar name, its been a while since I used Windows)?
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