OS image copy (windows) to move database and oracle binary (8, 9i) to another server with new server name and ip address.
Any one have been done this before?
OS is windows 2000 or 2003. database version is 8i and 9i.
As for server name /ip address change, for oracle database, I only need to change tnsnames.ora and listener.ora. May need to make sure init file don't have any server name. May also need to delete OEM agent file. May need to update C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file. Anything else I have to do for change server name and IP address?

Any one know is there anywhere hard-coded server name in windows registry?

Any need to delete , then, create oracle services? I don't think we need to do this since database instance and database name are same, no change.

I know after change server name. OEM will not work. It used to have utility to change servername for OEM. but since it is not in my scope. I jusr ignore this for now.

In Unix, there is oracle utility relink(make) to relink oracle binary. Any one know is there any similar oracle utility on windows? don't know much about oracle on windows.
Thank you for your help.