I was trying to simulate a recovery environment. I took the cold backup of all the files(control,log,data,etc..). I have deleted the original files (log,data) and have restored from backup. I am trying to recover the database, by issuing the following
1) svrmgr> startup mount;
2) svrmgr>alter database recover using backup controlfile.
(THis statement was issued after copying all the backup files to the main directory indivisually)
statement processed.
3) However,while opening database, it say
ora-01589: must use resetlogs or noresetlogs option for database open;
4) alter database open resetlogs;
*ora -01113:file 1 needs media recovery
ora-1110 : data file 1: 'D:\...\sys1orcl.ora'

How can I bring up by database.