Hi, I am sure this might be answered a million times. but I do want to get some feedback from the forum about recommendation of different hardware for Redhat Linux 5 64bit. 2 node RAC. The storage vendor most likely will be NetApp (iSCSI or FCP, which one is better)? or maybe EMC clarion CX330.

What's the good InterConnect hardware product in your own experience? does setting MTU to 9000 bytes instead of 1500 help?

How do you set up OCR and Voting Disks? best practices. RAW device has better performance that OCFS? It's 10gR2 Standard Edition. OCFS2 is certified only in Enterprise Edition?

Currently I am using Windows 2003 EMC clarion CX 330 for the RAC. but looking to migrate to NetApp for the snapshot. but NetApp does not support Snapshot on ASM/RAW device yet. the SnapManager has to work on top of windows SnapDrive, ASM could constantly rebalance and change its internal block maps, probably NetApp is not able to figure out the delta changes. But it did claim it can do it for Linux ASM/RAW, that's the main reason we are thinking of migrating from Windows 2003 to Linux for the 2-node RAC.