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    We have Three databases( 8.1.5) running on solaris 2.7on a single box.
    Did used orapwd utility to create multiple password files
    at the creation of database.And in init ora file the
    parameters inculded were remote_password_file=exclusive.
    After we login to unix server with oracle account
    we try to connect internal thro svrmgrl we are not prompted
    for password--Now due to security aspects we dont want this to happen.
    We want this to be i would like to know
    what all im missing here to enable password for internal for that instance.
    utility i used for password creation was
    ./orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwsid password=sdev
    Pls advice on this

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    You have to issue this command in $O_H/dbs

    orapwd file=orapwsid password=****** entries=30

    init parm should be set as follows and bounce db to bring orapwd in effect.
    remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive
    <font face=courier>
    Usage: orapwd file=<fname> password=<password> entries=<users>

    file - name of password file (mand),
    password - password for SYS and INTERNAL (mand),
    entries - maximum number of distinct DBA and OPERs (opt),
    There are no spaces around the equal-to (=) character.

    Let me tell you, you will not be prompted for connect internal if user is on the box and user included in password file with sysdba privileges. User will be prompted only when not included in the password file.

    'orapwd' is just for remote authentication and 'connect internal' is gonna go away from next release.

    Hope this helps.

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