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    Hi there.

    I need to 'profile the database'. I am not sure if this is a fancy way of saying benchmarking/monitoring and tuning the database.

    We have just moved from SQL Server to Oracle and I need to put a plan to do this. Since we are an internet startup we have too little direct activity to measure now, but I need a plan in plan as to how I would do that.

    Any pointers in getting this done would be highly appreciated. I need to do an awesome job in this so any direction or at least a listing of things that would complete it would help. I have seen many scripts but want to make sure I cover all angles.

    I can do the search etc, all I need is a rough list.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Start with some good books about performance.
    I usually start with the manual and Oracle 8i press books.
    There an excellent section on Tuning.

    Also, try metalink for some notes and the internet.
    A good starter script is utlbstat/utlestat and the stats packs for 8.17 and later...

    One thing to note. tuning is not a one-time thing, it's a journey...

    I'm sure other can reccommend some other perscribe info...

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