Dear All

Not sure if any of you have come across this.
We are using Oracle 10203 and IIS oci-8 php extensionn to give us Oracle connectivity. We have been getting intermittent 'Ports in use' error which has been resolved by restarting the IIS service on the webserver. A netstat-a on the web server shows lots of connections with a 'CLOSE_WAIT' status. I logged a call with Oracle but they reckon IIS is blocking the ports. I have no knowledge of IIS/PHP and am unable to ascertain if this is truly the case.
I believe this is coming from the application where the connections are not being closed. The developers keep saying they will look at the application but nothing gets done.

As a DBA you are called upon to look into this as all users are unable to connect to the application when this occurs.

Any suggestions or workaround for this issue?

Please let me know if you need more info.

Thank you for your support.