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    sql loader with pdf files

    Greetings all- My first question/post.

    I have a couple hundred pdf files on our file system. Each pdf name matches a record in a table in our Oracle database. I want to load the pdf files into their matching record in this Oracle table. I tried to write a php script to do this, but the files are somehow becoming corruptted and cannot be read back out on a web page. I thought to try to use sql loader.

    I've done a couple sql loader programs before, but never something like this. Is it possible to use sql loader to get a file (pdf) from a file system and insert it into a table based on the file name matching the file_name field in the table?

    I'm not even sure how to go about this. I do know I'd have to read the files or filenames from the file-system. Then in the sql-loader program I'd need some sort of where clause that says "insert this file into 'pdf_table' where the pdf filename matches the filename in the file_name field"

    Are there any tutorials for doing this sort of task?
    Thanks for any help!

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    I assume you are planning to store your pdf files into LOB columns, is that correct?

    Assuming I'm correct, sqlloader do allows to load data into LOBs; probably a whole chapter in Oracle documentation references such a feature.
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    The pdf files will be in a BLOB field.

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