Hi, I have a (kind of) develop question, but the development will be done in the db server, so Im posting here in the Admin forum, because Im interested in opinions suggestions regarding security, logging, etc, what is much more related to Admin.
The situation is : inside a Solaris 9 box, with a 9iR2 EE db, there is a C library called by the app to do OS-related tasks, as doing as ls for files, copying , renaming, etc (no file transfer involved, only local operations with local files in the db server only). Together with the (very soon to be made) 10gR2 EE migration, we will want to eliminate these libs, the app will call an Oracle stored procedure to do the file ops, via UTL_FILE.RENAME (to do the file renames), and (to call the OS commands like ls) via DBMS_SCHEDULER OR java proc - all solutions works, but the question is : how option (Scheduler, using the built in views in db, or java, for what we will need to wqrite something) can provide the better logging and audit options, in your opinion ? We need to log only the exec date and get a result (ie, the command worked or not, ls returned x files, etc), and auditing is only who done what when. Needless to say, dozens of simultaneous users can be calling the routine simultaneosly...