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Thread: Cannot kill ifweb60.exe process on web server

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    We are running Oracle Forms 6i on OAS 9i Release 1.0.2. For some reason I cannot over-copy fmx file, because this file is locked by some user. I know for sure there is no user who might lock it, because we are just testing all 6i forms. You have several ifweb60.exe processes running on our NT server and I could not kill them. There is no chance to reboot NT server during the day (everybody is using this server for other purposes). I tried to full the system and I put fmb file in current directory from which we are taking fmx for web page. I compiled fmb file and I created fmx file in current directory. I let me do that, but when I am opening my menu through web page I still link to old version of this fmx file (I know difference between old and new versions of this file). How can I kill all these processes and over-copy fmx file without problem?

    Thank you.

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    which path is your application picking the fmx file from ? Delete the fmx and put a new copy of the fmx from your pc. Once that is done , you can kill the user sessions (hopefully on test boxes ) where type != 'BACKGROUND' using alter system kill session 'sid, serial#') from v$session.
    Once this is done, try connecting your application again.

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    Unfortunatelly, my main problem is - I cannot delete old fmx file from the server. For some reason the file was locked, even it looked like I put new copy of my file.

    I don't have a ny database processes running on a server at all. I have ifweb60.exe processes - forms web server processes.

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    Dear Yekaterina,
    Pls reboot your Oracle Application server. after rebooting system will release the locked file. Then you can do whatever you want. Because i am also facing same problems here. so what i am doing the same. Do you have any solutions regarding ifweb60.exe for kill, pls let me know

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