Hi Friends,

WE are having following software and hardware.
Oracle 8i Release 2(8.1.6) and Operating System is Sun Solaries 2.8
on Sun E6500 Machine.Database size will 3 terabytes.

We are going to maintain inserts and select operation in this database. No update is going to occur. At presently I am planning to design one table and partiton ,subpartition and index on 16 different
columns . We r able to maintain only three days of data , old data is truncated regulary , Database is in no archivelog mode.We r having backup at NIC side . Table's max record size is 360 bytes and 82 fields but around 32 fields are generally remain null.
At presently I am planning for one table and partition ,subpartition and index it and trying to distribute data on EMC disks as i can .
But I want to know one table will give a better performance or i should go for multiple tables,while one table is possible.
Waiting for ur feedback.
Thanks and have a great Day.

db block size is 8k,
table will be of 1 tb,
we r having daywise range partition
we r having 16 diffrent index and also partitioned