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Thread: datatype

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    Hi all,

    I have a table called Result. Which holds id & result columns. Id column is integer & result column is varchar(50). I want to change datatype of column result to make it memo field.
    In Sql-server you can make column datatype to text which is memo filed. How I can do it in oracle?

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    To the extent of my knowledge, you have a datatype called LONG in oracle, with size upto 2Gb in length. But you can have only one LONG datatype per table and cannot use it in joins, subqueries, functions, expressions, where clauses or indexes.
    - Mayur.

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    If you are using Oracle 8.* then you can simply change the upper limit of your RESULT column to VARCHAR2(4000), thus making it capable of storing up to 4000 bytes of data. Upper limit for VARCHAR2 is 4000 bytes for 8.0 and higher, 2000 bytes for versions 7.*.

    If this is not enough for your RESULT column then use LOBs (much more recomended than LONGs) in Oracle8.* or LONG in 7.*.
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    Thanks alot. I used Lob datatype.

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