I have been struggling with this issue for a few days. I read all the old threads and solutions online but none of them worked. I wrote some java stored procedures and have been trying to load the required jar files. The error message I keep getting is this:

ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: oracle.aurora.server.tools.loadjava.ToolsError: Error during loadjava: Failures occurred during processing. Check trace file for details
I have tried to load them using Enterprise Manager Console and the following:

call dbms_java.loadjava(' -force -resolve 
c:\javacog\cognosClient.jar', ' -resolver "((* PUBLIC) (* 
SYS) )"')
Any ideas? We are using Oracle 10gr2, and trying to load Cognos 8.3 SDK jar files. According to Cognos, Java 1.4 is supported.