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Thread: Table Design

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    Hi Friends,

    WE are having following software and hardware.
    Oracle 8i Release 2(8.1.6) and Operating System is Sun Solaries 2.8
    on Sun E6500 Machine.Database size will 3 terabytes.

    We are going to maintain inserts and select operation in this database. No update is going to occur. At presently I am planning to design one table and partiton ,subpartition and index on 16 different
    columns . We r able to maintain only three days of data , old data is truncated regulary , Database is in no archivelog mode.We r having backup at NIC side . Table's max record size is 360 bytes and 82 fields but around 32 fields are generally remain null.
    At presently I am planning for one table and partition ,subpartition and index it and trying to distribute data on EMC disks as i can .
    But I want to know one table will give a better performance or i should go for multiple tables,while one table is possible.
    Waiting for ur feedback.
    Thanks and have a great Day.

    db block size is 8k,
    table will be of 1 tb,
    we r having daywise range partition
    we r having 16 diffrent index and also partitioned

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    1.what is your db_block_size
    2.what will be the size of this table
    3.how many partitions do you have ..
    4.how many index partition do you have
    5. are you going in for range partition or hash partition
    6.how do you analyze this table ...

    based on these we can suggest you...


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