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    RMAN Recovery Question

    We have Solaris 10 and Oracle We want to test the RMAN recovery to another server from tape.

    We plan to restore the hot backup from tape to this other server. Oracle Home will also be copied from tape to this new server. We have a backup of the control file.

    Here are my questions

    1. The database was backed up on prod with a catalog. For the restore I would assume that I would need to restore my control file first and then do I need to recover this database nocatalog from the control file or do I connect to the prod RMAN database? Will this mess up the prod database doing a recovery on another server while the prod database is up and running?

    2. Also, I am assuming I would do a point in time recovery for some time right after the hot backup completed. Is there a way to determine the scn to recover to?

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    You don't need to connect to the prod database.
    You need to have the dbid stored somewhere if you dont connect to the RMAN catalog .
    No it will not touch the prod database at any time.

    Yes there is a function in 10g from which you can scn_to_timestamp and timestamp_to_scn

    But if you know the time to which you want to restore you can use that directly in RMAN using set until time syntax


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    Thank you Hrishy.

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