Hi guys!

I need to clone a standby database without using rman (have no disk space).

Here is the setup:
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release

Server S has standby db
Server C has mounted /oradata disk from standby

What I intend to do (if it's possible) is kinda similar to "cloning" a database from an OS hot backup:

1) QUIESCE the standby (can it be done?)
2) Copy db files from /oradata/standby to /oradata/clone
3) UNQUIESCE the standby
4) Re-create clone control file + open reset logs

Q1: Can I stop managed recovery and quiesce the standby? .. And then unquiesce and restart managed recovery?

Q2: Will copying the files be enough to clone db or do I need something else like redo/archive logs?
It's been a very looooooong time since I cloned a db from hot/cold backup.