[oracle 10g]Access rights after import
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Thread: [oracle 10g]Access rights after import

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    [oracle 10g]Access rights after import


    I am a beginner with Oracle so I have a newbee question ...

    One of our customer send us an dump of his database (DMP file created with command EXP). In his database, tables are owned by user AAA.

    I created a user AAA and a user BBB then I (successfully) imported the dump in our database with IMP command.

    Now, when I run the command "select * from tableXX;" with user AAA, it shows the right result.
    However when I run the same command from user BBB or SYS, I got the following error: "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist"

    How can I grant the right privilegies to BBB ??

    Thanks for the support !

    For information I created both others with the same script :

    create user AAA identified by empjob
    default tablespace TS_1
    temporary tablespace TS_TEMP;

    grant create session, alter session to AAA;
    grant create cluster, create database link, create synonym to AAA;
    grant create sequence, create table, create view to AAA;
    grant create public database link, drop public database link to AAA;

    grant create public synonym, drop public synonym to AAA;

    grant create trigger, drop ANY trigger to AAA;

    grant restricted session to AAA;

    alter user AAA quota unlimited on TS_1;
    alter user AAA quota unlimited on TS_2;

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    Talking Select any table

    1) You could GRANT SELECT ANY TABLE to BBB;

    2) OR you can login as user AAA and "grant select on {table name} to BBB;" for every table and view;

    PS: When login as BBB you will need to code your queries prefixing the table names with the schema name like this:


    (Unless you create public or private synonyms for each table or view).
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    Thanks for the quick and helpful answer !

    I guess I will put all tables "PUBLIC" and create a public synonyms.
    That may not be the safest but it will be easier for testing third party access.

    Thanks again for the support !

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    no, dont grant to public - that is bad, do it properly

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    What Davey means is that you should create a role with all of the privileges that you want to
    grant and then grant that role to another user i.e. "grant aaa_user to bbb;"

    I included a script that you can use to create the role with
    all of the grants. You can edit it it to do what you want.
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    Thank you for the script, I will try to understand it and modify it to match my needs.

    I tested with "public", it works fine.
    I will try your way too and let you know.


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