I was creating a new database (In addition to the default ORCL database) on oracle 8.0.5 for NT.
These were the steps followed by me.

1) svrmgr> connect internal
2) shutdown immediate
3) changed the initorcl.ora for db_name = oct, and saved as
4) svrmgr> startup pfile=d:\orant\database\initoct.ora

5) svrmgr>create database oct

6) added the oct entry in the tnsnames.ora

I am not able to open any of the database(orcl / oct).
While try to connect as

svrmgr>startup pfile=...\initorcl.ora open orcl (for orcl)
svrmgr>startup pfile=...\initorcl.ora open orcl (for orcl)

I get ERROR: ORA-03123:Operation would block

could any one help me resolving this, my test database is stopped functioning.
Also explain, how we can work with 2 databases on the same machine.