Hi All,

I ran the following 3 queries on my database, expecting the same results, but the last 2 are returning wrong results. I did some research & applied patch #5140532 (Metalink note 5140532., but this didn't resolve the problem. If i disable parallel query, the queries all produce the correct result, but with very bad performance.

Below are the queries in question:

1. Select count(*) from advprod.f_epis a, advprod.a_epis_clm b where a.epi_id = b.epi_id;

2. Select count(*) from advprod.a_epis_clm where epi_id in ( select epi_id from advprod.f_epis);

3. Select count(*) from advprod.a_epis_clm where exists (select * from advprod.f_epis where advprod.f_epis.epi_id = advprod.a_epis_clm.epi_id);

Can anyone help with this?