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Thread: Sequence got smaller

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    Sequence got smaller

    I'm useing Oracle 10g and I had aproblem with my sequence.
    I have a application that work with oracle and a field that got a number from the Sequence. a few days ago when every thing got wrong I check and discaver that my Sequence got smaller.

    He was around 10300 one day and became 10100 the next day.

    Any body heared about such a thing?


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    several scenarios...
    ... negative increment.
    ... sequence is set to recycle and already hit max value
    ... sequence got recreated
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    If it was only that easy

    The increment is positive,
    Its not even close to the max value so no reason to recycle
    and the only other option (recreated) seems like the only explanation but its a closed DB in the office in a stand alone network with a really small chance of being hack by one of the worker and I am the only one with a password to it :(

    Thats way I Thought maybe there is a knowen bug about that issue.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    I'm with Pavb on this, except I would like to offer one more possible solution. The database was abducted by aliens. I'm not saying it must have happened only that it hasn't yet been ruled out.

    Perhaps if you looked at the following two queries the real answer might jump out at you. Specifically look at the dba_objects view, and the created and last ddl columns.

     select * 
    from dba_sequences 
    where sequence_owner='SCHEMA'
    order by 1,2;
    select * 
    from dba_objects 
    where owner='SCHEMA' 
    and object_type='SEQUENCE' 
    and object_name='SEQUENCENAME';
    this space intentionally left blank

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    Thanks Gandolf

    I can't say that I solved the problem so lets just leave this aliens abduction as a valid option

    Thanks any way for your help, I will continue to investigate into this metter.


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