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    10G R2 ORA-01194 - messed up system db - need help

    Recently I was told to become an Oracle DBA. Because I am an MCP for the MS SQL Server I have a strong background , but unfortunately this is far away from being convertible to the Oracle world.

    The last 2 days I spent to repair a damaged Oracle 10 instance. I had to recreate the control files, I had to rebuild the initInstancename.ora file, I have rebuilt the spfile.... after solving a dozen ORA messages I ended at this situation:

    The instance doesn't come up and tells me
    ORA-01194 file needs more recovery to become consistent.
    ORA-01110 'f:\path\system01.dbf'

    The only option left in the EM console was a database recovery, and I did it.
    The recovery failed because there were no information to recover.... so it is messed up and we don't have any backups.

    I have four dbf files with several tablespaces in int - Is there a way to copy this dbf file to a new installation and use them there?

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    Basically the database is looking for redo information that it can't find.

    I have had luck pointing it to the online redo files. You can try the first example and see if it finds what it needs. You can also try the first example but specify each online redo file.

    recover standby database using backup controlfile until cancel;
    Once you have tried the above you can try the basic command again but with the cancel keyword, which cancel's the recovery.

    It looks like you will need to open with reset logs. You may want to do a new backup of the database once you get everything running.

    recover standby database using backup controlfile until cancel;
    Finally, I have worked with SQL Server 2000, and I can tell you that Oracle is a lot different, Especially dealing with recovery issues.

    Good Luck!!!
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