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    Deleting instance from RAC cluster

    Hi all,

    DB: 2 node RAC using ASM 64BIT
    O/S: RHEL 4 64BIT

    I have i have succefully deleted an instance from a 2 node RAC cluster by using dbca. However when I checked crs_stat -t i saw that some of the applications for the remaining node had changed state from ONLINE to UNKNOWN. Now I havent tried a crs_stop/start as Oracle said not to until they check the logs etc but I wanted everyones opinion on how to get the states back to online. Below is the output of crs_stat -t (mgdb2 is the live host and bof212 is only live instance)

    Name           Type           Target    State     Host
    ora....A2.inst application    OFFLINE   OFFLINE
    ora.DBMGA.db   application    OFFLINE   OFFLINE
    ora....12.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb2
    ora.bof2.db    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb2
    ora....11.inst application    ONLINE    OFFLINE
    ora....12.inst application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb2
    ora.bof21.db   application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb1
    ora....SM1.asm application    OFFLINE   OFFLINE
    ora....B1.lsnr application    ONLINE    UNKNOWN   mgdb1
    ora.mgdb1.gsd  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb1
    ora.mgdb1.ons  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb1
    ora.mgdb1.vip  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb1
    ora....SM2.asm application    ONLINE    UNKNOWN   mgdb2
    ora....B2.lsnr application    ONLINE    UNKNOWN   mgdb2
    ora.mgdb2.gsd  application    ONLINE    UNKNOWN   mgdb2
    ora.mgdb2.ons  application    ONLINE    UNKNOWN   mgdb2
    ora.mgdb2.vip  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    mgdb2
    Any advice will be highly appreciated,


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    Did you remove the instance from the clusterware also ?

    You need to run rcgons script from the clusterware which you want to keep

    something like
    $CRS_HOME/bin/racgons remove_config rac2:6100

    the port number can be obtained from

    and also run the rootdelte.sh from the node which you are going to remove as user root.

    and again from the first node run olsnode -n and then remove the clusterware from that node


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    Hi Hrishy,

    Thanks for that. No i have not got that far yet as I was concerned that the services for the instance/node i want to *keep* are showing a state of UNKNOWN? Once i clear this then I will carry on with removing the node from the clusterware.


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