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    Hi -

    I am trying to determine if it is possible to run the DBMS_STATS_FUNCS.SUMMARY procedure against just one partition of a partitioned table. I have a large, range partitioned table in an Oracle 10g database. Each month I load ~ 1 billion new rows into a new partition in that table . I want to find a way to see what has changed with the data, in order to give feedback to my data provider on the quality of the data. I generate optimizer stats including column histograms, immediately after loading, which gives some insight into the distribution of the data in each column in the table. However, if I could run this procedure against the newly loaded data, I could get the mean, variance, std deviation, etc. that would be even better.

    I have tried the following:

    dbms_stat_funcs.summary('SCOTT', 'PARENT_TAB partition(part_2007)', 'ID', sig, s);

    dbms_stat_funcs.summary('SCOTT', 'PARENT_TAB.PART_2007', 'ID', sig, s);

    These attempts give me ORA-44003 errors.

    So far I have only been able to use this procedure against an entire table.

    Anyone had success with this?

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    Have you looked at doing this using straight sql rather then using the supplied function.

    I am afraid you cannot do this with the supplied function at a partition level.


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