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    I have develeoped several application on top of NT based Oracle 8.1.5 and service was just fine few days ago.
    However, for some unexplanied reason NT 2000 machine hung
    up on me and I had no choice but to turn off the machine.

    Yes, the real problem is that I did not not "shutdown" the databse from svrmgrl. Right after this event, I have no way of
    bring up the database up again.

    I have copied all the database, datafile, control files and ora
    files and others. Hoping to find a way to restore this database
    as I did not have any chance to backup the files.

    I am getting following problems.
    From svrmgrl.exe

    connect internal/password
    shutdown (immediate/abort...)
    // I get ORA-12560 : TNS error...

    startup nomount
    recover database
    //This also does not function...

    To test if my NT and Oracle is fine. I have re-installed everything from the scratch on another system and configured
    everything as the original version.

    I did have a few months old database files and other files that
    I have used to bring the database back up again through file copy of all the nessacery files.

    I have named SID and everything the same. All of the structure and schema and other detailes are exactly the same as my last downed server. The only difference between by
    previous database and downed database is that on a current database I have added twice as much data.

    When I start up the service on a newly installed system. I am
    able to bring back the previous database. However, when I
    copy the downed database file. I have problem and there is
    no way to bring up the service.

    Svrmgrl console still gives my TNS error.

    I am hoping that someone has experience the similar problem in shuting down the system by "OFF" server without shutdown command. In hoping that some has by some way
    brought the system back up agin using the database file that has not been completely "shutdown" correctly.

    I am opened to any suggestion and would like to see what other alternative ways are there to re-initialise the database and bring it back up again.

    I am sorry that I could not be so descritive about the problem. However, this is what I am facing right now and hope this solution would solve my problem and may share this similar idea with others.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Are you able to mount your DB properly ? If yes then there must be only one prblm, which is that SID or DBNAME is getting changed. If your DB is not getting mounted, pls check the SID and DBNAME which you've assigned

    Ganesh .R
    A Winner never Quits, A Quitter never Wins
    Ganesh .R

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    Is this the first time you've tried this database on Win2000?
    8.1.5 isn't supported on Win2k to my knowledge - maybe this is the cause?

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    Your problem has nothing to do with 8.1.5 on 2000 , I have used this version of Oracle on Windows 2000 for some time before switching to the full powered 8.1.6 , frankly I faced some weired symptoms and thus is because 8.1.5 is not certified as compatible with win 2000 , if you can move to 8.1.6 or 8.1.7.

    Concerning your database :
    - check at your tnsnames.ora file and check that it is not corrupted.
    - Try to make a new entry for the database in the tnsnames file using Net8 Easyconfig utility ( from Oracle Menu group )
    - Check at the listener , see that if it starts normally or not from NT services panel , if not check at litener.ora file and see if it has an entry for the database , if it fails to get up try to activate it from dos prompt using ( LSNRCTL start listener_name )
    - If you can connect nomount no more this may indicate that you have a damaged control files , try to create new ones , if you can move to mount then you may have a lost data file.
    - The type of error you mentioned ORA-12560 , is a protocol adapter problem , try turn on tracing and see what it will yield , generally your problem is a Net 8 one .
    - When you shutdown the server after a hang ( it happens very much on NT ) the most likely to happen that you have got an operating system failure or Oracle systems files failure but not a database one ( or at least that what happened to me )
    - After activating the database service start the database from the server manager too and see what happens.
    - You may have created your connection string using 8i new convention thus may lead that you have to use connect string as follows : connect internal/password@prod.oracle.com

    Actually possibilities are so many , I need to get more information to be more helpful.

    Thank You

    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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