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    I have taken a hotbackup of one of the tablespaces(ts_sales), Accidentaly,one of the tables (sales_mis) have got dropped. Luckily, there were no transactions/updates into this table, after the backup.
    I have to recover only this table (sales_mis),
    can I have your advice.


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    Since the table exist in old backup you need to restore old database in order to extract table.
    I think the easy way is:
    1- table a backup of current database also take a export to be safe.
    2- restore the old backup.
    3- recover database
    4- take an export of the table.
    5- restore the current backup
    6- recover
    7- import the table into the current database

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    You need to perform an incomplete recovery up to the time when your table was dropped. For this is not enough to have only one backup tablespace, you need to have the whole db backup, otherwise the only recovery you can make is a complete one which is going to lead you in the same point, with the table dropped. That's why I think the hot backup tablespace you have is useless. If you have a full db hot backup restore it and perform incomplete recovery.

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    I think the best way is to stick with shonaryar, alternatively you may do this also.

    1. Take a cold back of the current database
    2. Restore the complete database prior to dropping the table.
    3. Take a table level export of the necessary tables
    4. Replace the database with the database files, import the table using the existing export file.

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