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Thread: Help on sql*loader

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    Help on sql*loader


    I need to load 10M rows in flat file into one table.

    The flat file format like


    I need to combine the two first_name and Last _name fields in the flat file into two columns of the tables—
    Name 1 and CONTACT_NAME

    For example
    The above record should be loaded into two columns in the tables like
    Laura Lee, Laura LEE

    Laura Lee Laura Lee

    How can I do this in control file of the SQL*LOADER



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    I assume your source flat file is a variable size one as opposed as a fixed size one.

    If my assumption is correct I wouldn't be surprised if you end up loading the file as it is, probably first_name into Name_1 and last_name into contact_name then run a simple procedure to update the loaded rows formatting both columns as you need.

    If my assumption is incorrect and your source file is a fixed size one just map the columns by position.
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    thanks for the reply.

    yes, the flat file is variable size.

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